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Why does everyone say “house-wife” or “house-husband” when “House-spouse” is not only gender neutral, but also RHYMES?

the prof asks the important questions.

Wait, spouse rhymes with house? I always pronounced it ‘spooze’ in my head /o\ WHY IS YOUR LANGUAGE SO WEIRD!!!

Because English beats up other languages in dark alleys, then rifles through their pockets for loose grammar and spare vocabulary.

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Time-lapse of river changing course over 28 years.

This messed me up a little bit.


Awesome meanders!

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And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours.

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Amy Harmon, Making Faces

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The GoT fandom can’t agree about who should be on the iron throne but I think it’s safe to say we all can agree Margaery Tyrell is a lesbian

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Grantaire; A Paragraph about Race and the 1800’s.


so people are mad sometimes when people headcanon Grantaire as hot in a modernAU and I totally get it like Hugo specifically called him ugly (The direct quote from the brick that I have is, ”He was frightfully ugly”, which isn’t really very specific but w/e.) but I had a thought,

So it’s not exactly up for debate that people were racist in the 1800’s right? And white people are pretty common in france. So maybe Grantaire wasn’t actually ugly as opposed to a different nationality? The physical attributes that people draw Grantaire with (not that fanon is canon but you get my point) are fairly in line with what Greek men tend to look like (big nose, darker skin, short and heavier set, hairy), which is pretty much the opposite of what French guys look like (thin nose, light skin, taller/thinner, fair). So it wouldn’t be that far from the truth to assume that people in 1830’s france would ethnocentrically think that anyone else is unattractive. 

And not only is it historically viable, Victor Hugo was a bit of a juxtaposition-happy writer. Enjolras being the polar opposite of Grantaire. Enjolras, rich white french poster boy fighting for the people, as opposed to Grantaire, poorer, of colour, doesn’t care about that shit.  Would you put it past V.Hugo to make even their ethnicity opposite?

Now I know it’s no good to make a character POC without actually mentioning they’re POC, and I don’t have an excuse for that, this is just how I interpret it.  

And this isn’t me telling you that you should immediately start headcanoning Grantaire as a sexy Greek guy, but I know I’m not the only one who interprets him as a POC, so before you call him ugly… think about bias. 

The only flaw in this argument was that orientalism was rampant in the 1800s, and POCs were seen by high end artsy folk as being highly erotic and exotic rather than hideously ugly. Hugo would have very likely been of a similar mind, though I can do my proper research on Hugo specifically when it’s not close to 2 AM.

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