how much weight can i lose by running away from my problems

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Emily Vancamp as Sharon Carter in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Here’s an example of what we call a “soft no”. Sharon turns down Steve’s offer in a way that’s meant not to insult him but never actually uses the word “no”.

Steve clearly gets the message, though, and importantly offers to leave her alone. Sharon’s comment afterwards gives him an opportunity to try again later, but he doesn’t press and respects her rejection of his company even though it’s probably hurt his feelings a bit.

Just in case you ever wonder “What would Captain America do?”; there you go.

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Appropriate response to everything Peeta Mellark does in the entire series.

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I shaped the history of Middle-earth. [x]

Holy shit it’s the upcoming PS4 video game………

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Sailor Moon Art by:

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After seeing the new Shadow of Mordor trailer my excitement for this game has reached critical levels. I mean yeah it kinda sort of breaks a lot of Tolkien lore/canon and plays suspiciously like Assassin’s Creed but ANNATAR AND CELEBRIMBOR ARE IN IT


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what do we say to the god of death?

me: sean bean is that way

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There are things within a soul that can never be unleashed. And what would happen if they were? They would consume us.

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feeling intimidated by people you want to be really good friends with


#feeling intimidated by people you’re already friends with

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